Sunday 1 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017

(Photos taken of the London fireworks last night/this morning from the TV - I was pleased with how they came out as it almost looks like I was there!)
As has become somewhat traditional for me, today is the day I review my aims for 2016 and decide on aims for 2017.

  • Make more felt - I made a grand total of two new pieces, one of which is not finished.  My other craft activities took over, including, of course, paper crafting.  So, not great progress by any means.  However, I have reserved a table at a craft event in November 2017, so that should give me the impetus I need to get making again.
  • Read interesting books - Definite success here.  I read 84 books in 2016, many old friends which I enjoyed re-reading.  There were also some new ones including: Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey; The House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier; several Miss Marple stories by Agatha Christie (and three more waiting on my Kindle); several books containing accounts of children's past lives and the Cazalet Chronicles by Elizabeth Jane Howard. I shall do my best to keep the eclectic mix going during 2017.
  • Be Creative - I can safely say that I have continued my creative journey with kumihimo necklaces, stamping onto polymer clay, paper crafting (and making some Christmas cards).  I am hoping to use some of my Blockwallah stamps in lino printing, but felting has to come high on the list (see the first bullet point).
  • Get rid of/donate things I do not want or need - I made a tiny bit of progress with this one, but if I had a report, it would be 'must try harder'.  I have far too much stuff and must really sort myself out.  Another aim for 2017.
No new aims again, as the ones above still stand for 2017, so lots for me to go at there.
Happy New Year to you all and I hope it is a healthy, prosperous and peaceful one.


  1. Wasn't Elizabeth is Missing a heartbreaker.
    Yay for being creative, in whatever form it strikes.
    And I too need to try harder (much harder) on the decluttering front.

    1. Thanks, EC. Yes, it really was, but so cleverly written to make the reader feel what it was like to be Elizabeth as well as the frustration felt by her family. A definite YAY for being creative. I wish I could get more enthusiastic about decluttering, but at the moment, it seems such an uphill struggle. Ah well, small steps...
      Best wishes

  2. I like Daphne De Maurier but haven't read that one, must look into getting it.
    I have made a start on clearing out but always seem to have an excuse not to throw, lol

    1. Thanks, Briony. The House on the Strand is an interesting read, to do with experimental drugs which take the user back in time - an interesting premise, and different. I really enjoyed it. I am brilliant at making excuses not to do things or why I should leave that until tomorrow. I think I need to have a stern talking to with myself!
      Best wishes and good luck with your clearing out