Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ornamental Grasses - a round of applause!

This is one of my favourite flowering plants at the moment - Miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine Fontane' which has such tactile flower heads that I can't help stroking them as I squeeze past. I am considering getting another one of these, or something similar, to plant in the border, as they are so gorgeous. I like the rustling effect of the leaves too. This particular grass is very well behaved and flowers every year. I had to pot it on this year, as initially it was in a smaller pot and had stems half the size that they are in the photo. Once potted on, you could almost hear the sigh of relief and it rewarded me by growing and flowering so well. The other good thing about it is that it is relatively transparent, so doesn't block the view through to other plants.
Let's hear it for ornamental grasses!

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