Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Village Fete

At the village fete we went to last Saturday, at my Mum and Dad's village, there was an interesting display of vintage vehicles. Chris reliably informed me that the motorbike was a 'Vincent' and was a bike that people would love to own. I thought it was beautifully looked after and I loved the licence plate - 'JOY'. No doubt, that's what it brings its owner.

A Routemaster bus - the quintessentially English red bus as seen in London, turning up unexpectedly at a village fete!

We were both intrigued by this grass rolling machine which had obviously been in the field for quite some time, quietly rusting away.

Another beautifully maintained vintage car - they just don't make them like this any more!
The fete was very successful for us as we won two competitions (much to our surprise); the 'guess the curious item' and the 'name the pulses and beans/identify the fudge flavours'. Even the weather co-operated as although the sky went black, there was only a slight shower.

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