Thursday, 14 October 2010

Felt workshop

Yesterday, I taught my first felt workshop at the school where I used to work, to two classes of four and five year old children. I was part of their 'Traditional Craft Day' and while I was felting with one class, a local baker was making bread with the other.

As this was my first ever workshop experience, I wasn't sure whether I had got it right. I intended that each child should make two squares of felt, one to be applied to a larger piece and one as an individual piece.
The children enjoyed creating their squares and decorating them, and they all had a turn at rolling the felt during the fulling process. I was really thrilled with the end results. Felt making is a very forgiving processes and even a beginner can produce some fantastic results.

I am suffering a little today through - partly with aching shoulders and upper arms from all the rolling and partly with an aching back from bending over the very low tables. Still, I think the end results justify a bit of aching today! I like the individuality of each design and the vibrant colours are very eye catching.
(However, I'm not sure I shall be doing any more workshops as it took quite a while to get organised for this one, and I now have to replenish my wool supplies! It was a good experience though.)

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