Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Magnets

I had a fantastic night last night at The Drill Hall in Lincoln, seeing the a cappella group, 'The Magnets' .I had seen them years ago on a TV programme, but saw them again recently when they were featured during the coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe on TV in August. As a coincidence, I then saw an advert for their tour on the way to work and decided to book up. It was a terrific evening's entertainment! There was a wide variety of music from Lady GaGa to The Jacksons and all created using just the human voice. The beat-boxer was amazing and at one point was creating two rhythms and a vocal line at the same time, during a solo spot! The harmonies were complex, interesting and the whole show was slick and impressive. There were also opportunities for audience participation with singing and dance moves and the whole night was great fun. Link to youtube - - the showreel gives a good idea of what they do.

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