Thursday, 7 October 2010

My PeaceFelt Gift 2010

Here are photos of the PeaceFelt gift I received from America - the maker describes it as a 'Peace Vessel'. She explained that it was made using a wool jumper which was felted in the washing machine and then moulded into the bowl shape. She has added all kinds of textures to the felt, such as thread, yarn, gold thread and gold material.

She has then embellished the surface even more by sewing on buttons, beads and pieces of semi-precious stones. I love the colours she has used and all the different textures really appeal to me.
A close up of the surface texture reveals the gold material and some of the beads and yarns she has added.
I shall put a photo of my gift onto my blog once I know it has safely arrived. I think PeaceFelt is a great idea and I shall be getting involved again next year. Who knows where in the world I shall be sending a piece of felt to?

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