Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I did say that flapjack might be the next baking project so here it is! It always amazes me that it is such a simple recipe with only four ingredients and tastes so yumptious (another of my very descriptive but not necessarily technically correct words, combining scrumptious and yummy). You need 4 level tablespoons of Golden Syrup melted with 4 oz margarine in a saucepan. To this you add 3 oz granulated sugar and 8 oz porridge oats, put into a greased square tin and cook for around 30 minutes on Gas 3.

I have managed to over cook these sometimes and they go too hard and crunchy. I have also found (through experience) that you must cut them up while still warm otherwise they harden too quickly and it is then difficult to cut them into shapes.
What a lovely treat!


  1. Hi Ellie

    Your flapjacks look yummy. We refer to flapjacks as pancakes in western Canada. Still up to our ar$$es in snow; more than 9 feet of snow since January 15th and not a crocus in sight.

  2. Dear Julie
    Thank you so much for your comment.
    You must be totally sick of the snow now. I have a friend who lives in Edmonton, Alberta and she was telling me that temperatures are at minus 28 degrees c with at least four feet of snow. I know that I couldn't cope with that! I'll keep taking photos of my garden as Spring slowly arrives. Hopefully, this will keep you going until your weather improves and you can enjoy your own garden again.

  3. Thanks Ellie

    I do love your pictures and hopefully, in a few months, I will have some of my own to show you!