Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter images

 We were visiting Mum and Dad yesterday, for Easter Sunday, and, as I remembered to take my camera, I took the opportunity to take a few Easter-inspired photos.   Hens...
 Brilliant red tulips...
 Creamy white daffodils...
 A trio of  primulas...
a pheasant's eye narcissus...
 Amelanchier blossom on the way...
and a very helpful pose by another hen. 
We also did very well on the cake front as I had taken 'Bounty' Cake, Mum had made a sponge with chocolate icing and my eldest sister had made lemon drizzle. Well, of course we had to sample them all! I hope you all had a very Happy Easter.


  1. Ellie,

    Love the pictures of your Mum's garden. My tulips are finally appearing in my garden but only just! Almost all the snow is gone, but today as I write this to you, there are a few flakes gently falling.

    On the reading front, I am well entrenched in the Hunger Games as I bought the trilogy for my ereader.

    bye for now,
    your friend across the pond,


    1. Dear Julie
      Lovely to hear from you, as always. Our weather is all over the place too - we have had lots of rain and yesterday afternoon, had a terrific hailstorm. I hope your tulips manage to survive and also that you don't get any more snow!
      Enjoy your reading.
      Best wishes