Saturday, 28 April 2012

Purple Plant Portraits

A rather alliterative title to introduce the range of purples that are in the garden as a very wet April moves towards May.  Above is Aquilegia 'Navy and White', but rather more royal blue/purple than navy, to me.  I like the contrast of the white inner petals.

 A vibrant aubretia, 'Kitte', with touches of fuchsia in the purple.  Aubretia always makes me think of pillows of purple tumbling down a lovely stone wall, or over the edge of a border.

 A deep and dusky Geranium Phaeum, or mourning widow, with black/purple flowers.

 A burgundy Triumph tulip, just starting to go over, but still providing a big splash of colour.

 The pink/purple of lilac, just starting to unfurl its buds.

 The delicate purple spotted flowers of Viola sororia 'Freckles'.
 Freckles again, highlighted against the vibrant green of its leaves.

 A tanzanite purple of Clematis Macropetala, with drooping petals.

 More burgundy purple from violas, with cheerful faces peeping out from amongst the foliage.

The purple of Erysimum 'Bowles' Mauve', waiting patiently for me to find it a home either in the border or in a larger pot.
This purple theme will continue with alliums and more geraniums, until the pink of the roses and other clematis start to take over.  Despite the awful weather, this April has still been colourful and with all the rain, the garden looks incredibly verdant. 


  1. Hi Ellie

    My tulips are just breaking through the soil and while all the snow is gone, today, it is cold and flurries.

    Your garden is lovely; how is your felting coming along?

    1. Dear Julie
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. My felting is coming along slowly - other things keep getting in the way, but I am working (with Chris' help) on a new website and am looking into selling on the internet too - probably on folksy. However, I do need to get making so I have lots to sell! I am also starting to work on some 'spring' decorations too, but that is still a work in progress. All very exciting.
      So pleased to hear that all the snow is gone for you, and that your tulips are on the way too. I have decided I definitely need more tulips for next year, so I foresee happy hours spent looking at bulb catalogues (probably when I should be felt making!)
      Best wishes