Saturday, 21 April 2012

I agree with Mrs Morey

I have been enjoying reading more of Anne Tyler's novels and so far have read Ladder of Years, The Clock Winder, An Accidental Tourist and am currently reading A Patchwork Planet. One piece of dialogue really struck a chord with me:

“This same Mrs Morey, for instance: she just loves her garden. Come spring, you’d think she was in heaven. She says, ‘As long as I can walk out in my garden first thing every morning – take that gardener’s early-morning walk, to check what’s sprouted overnight and what’s about to bloom,’ she says, ‘-why, I feel I have something worth staying alive for’.”
Barnaby Gaitlin from A Patchwork Planet

I went out this morning, as I try to every morning, to have a look at what was happening. 
 The mystery tulips are still looking lovely (note to self: buy more tulips in the autumn)
An erythronium (Dog's Tooth Violet) 'Pagoda' has been flowering quietly without making a fuss, but has a beautiful delicate flower...
 (...even though a slug or snail has been having a meal and leaving some holes).
I noticed lots of bees, trying to avoid the rain and hail and making the most of sunny moments, to gather some nectar.
Yes, Mrs Morey, it really is worth staying alive for.

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