Monday, 14 May 2012

Finished project 'Pincushions' - the pumpkin and the pork pie

 I cut the felt which was featured in my last post out into sections to create the pincushion shape that I had in my mind.  I used a felt ball pattern which I adapted to give a base.  In my head, it all seemed so simple.  Cut out, sew up, add a base of cardboard on the base piece, stuff and sew up.  In reality, it actually did work out like that and was quick to make up.  I was pleased with the end result and the way that I had left the stitches showing as a feature, rather than turning it inside out.  However, it was rather too big and the more I looked at it, the unhappier I became.  So, I knew it would have to be taken apart and made up again, but smaller this time.
 I adapted the pattern again and tried to make the pieces smaller while retaining the shape.  It was fine the second time although it didn't fit together quite as well as the first one had.  I then set about making a simpler one with two circles and a strip round the centre but had a problem remembering how to work out the circumference of a circle (O level Maths didn't turn out to be very helpful as although I vaguely remembered having to use 3.14 and the radius, apart from that, it was no use).  So, in the end, I used two strips of felt and sewed them in place as I went.  It worked out in the end, despite my lack of memory for formulae.
 Here are the finished products - the pumpkin and the pork pie.  I think I like the pork pie one best but I'll let you know which my colleague prefers.


  1. I love these! And my favourite is the pumpkin! What a hassle to re-do it all but once one's decided it's not right it's only a matter of time before one has to take up the scissors and reverse one's stitches otherwise it just goes on bugging one every time one looks at whatever it is! I sympathise as I often have to go this route! Anyway I think you should feel very pleased with the results in both formations. All they need now is some of those nice long pins! E x

    1. Thank you so much for your comment - it is so lovely to receive encouragement from like-minded people. I shall have another go with some colourful merino wool felt now and see what that looks like. The pumpkin pattern could still do with some adjusting so that the top goes together better, so that's something else I need to do.
      It is a nice feeling to have actually completed something too.
      Best wishes
      Ellie x