Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Moroccan market

Last week there was a Moroccan Market in Lincoln High Street and Chris and I visited on the last day, Saturday.  There were a lot of metalwork teapots, lanterns, leather bags, slippers and jewellery, but it was the textiles that really appealed to me.  We did ask the stall holder's permission before taking the photos.
 I just loved the colours of these scarves - silk and velvet apparently - "and all hand woven".  The stall holders were very persuasive and  managed to persuade us to buy two things - more of those later.
 The patterns on the bowls were really beautiful.
The ceramic and metalwork bowls were particularly fascinating - intricate patterns and metalwork applied on the top.
 Then there were a couple of rug stalls where the pattern and colours almost exploded out onto a rather dull May day.
 This rug reminded me of a lovely patchwork.  Some of the squares were raised, which gave a contrast of textures.  If only I had had the money...
 It really brightened our day.
 You can see the raised areas in the design more clearly here.

 So what did we buy?  Chris bought this lovely ochre bowl with hand painted decoration and I went for a pink striped scarf.
What a fantastic market, full of exotic colours and textures.


  1. Moorsh motifs are really beautiful and the colours usually vibrant. I particularly like their rugs and the ceramics.
    Very nice display! It sounds like you had a good time there at the market.

    1. Dear Aledys
      Yes, we certainly did have a good time there. I could have spent a fortune (but didn't). It was an unusual and very nice diversion for a Saturday.
      Best wishes

  2. How wonderful to have such an exotic market on your doorstep! Moroccan design is wonderful as evidenced in your pics / purchases. I always think food looks amazing on Moroccan ceramics - haven't worked out whether it's the colours, the patterns, the shapes or all of the above just working in harmony! E x

  3. Dear E
    I was very surprised when an exotic market like this appeared here - not the sort of thing that happens every day. That makes it even more exciting though, doesn't it?
    I think it must be the overall effect of colour, pattern and shapes working together that gives such a satisfying whole to Moroccan design. It definitely works for me!
    Best wishes