Sunday, 20 May 2012

Jazz with Clare Teal

On Thursday night, (going out in the week - whatever next!) Chris and I ventured out to see Clare Teal at a local theatre.  Now I have to confess that my friend and colleague, Rachael had encouraged me to go, even though jazz 'is not really my thing'.  However, I saw Clare Teal on TV last year at the Proms, where she sang Hollywood film songs (and performed brilliantly), so I knew that it would be a good night.  So it proved to be!  There were lots of old songs that I recognised, but which were given a new treatment by Clare and her band.  I particularly enjoyed a song called 'Twenty Mile Zone', written by Dory Previn and given a country style, which worked very well. Clare was a great performer who had a very easy style and who linked the songs in a natural way, as if she was chatting over a cup of tea.  The band were also amazing - only three of them - a keyboard player who also arranged the songs, a double bass player and a drummer (who was able to play several different rhythms as well as harmonising with the other members of the band too, and all at the same time!) The last two songs showed a great contrast; from Ring Them Bells (Funny Face) to Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) and which left us all wanting more.  

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