Sunday, 1 July 2012

Apple and Banana Loaf

 I found this recipe on a blog that I follow - here - and as I just happened to have several manky, spotty bananas hanging about, (with the (sort of) warm weather, they go spotty very quickly), I decided to try the recipe and use up the bananas.  I told myself that a cake with bananas and an apple in it was almost healthy.  The problem is, I don't need any persuading to eat cake!
The recipe is very easy and quick to make.  In my conventional 'no bells and whistles' gas oven, it took longer to cook than the recipe said, but I kept checking the cake with a skewer and when the skewer came out clean, I knew it was done.  I managed to stop myself from eating it until it had cooled sufficiently to cut it without it crumbling.  It has quite a solid texture, but is very moist and not too sweet, which is a bonus.  Thank you to Gillian for posting the recipe.

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