Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Raindrops on roses...and clematis and pinks and snapdragon and everything!

 Oh my goodness, this rain!  It seems to have been raining for at least a month and although everything looks lush and green, the weight of the water is starting to make the flowers look bedraggled.  Before it all turns to some revolting mush, I took some photos of some of the plants I have flowering at the moment, despite the rain.  Above is a Gladioli plant which I planted last year and promptly forgot about, only to be surprised and pleased by its appearance this year.
 Rosa Gallica Versicolor (Rosa Mundi).
 Clematis 'Perle D'Azur'.
 Snapdragon 'Black Prince'.
 Rosa 'Molineux'.
Clematis 'Ice White'.
 Rosa 'Constance Spry'.
Dianthus 'Coconut Ice' to finish with, flowering bravely in difficult conditions.
 I know we are never satisfied with our weather here in the UK, but it really seems to have gone a little crazy this summer.  At this very moment, it is sunny, with dark grey clouds in the distance and with temperatures of at least 21degrees centigrade and high humidity.  Not conducive to a good night's sleep, I think.

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