Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Food, glorious food

We had more blackberries to use up, so I just had to make a blackberry and apple crumble, didn't I?  Served with clotted cream ice cream (sadly not home made and no, not a low calorie pudding), it tasted delicious.  Perfect for a slightly chilly evening.
 I picked the very last of my blueberries too.  The bush has done incredibly well for us this year, probably due to the amount of rain which the blueberry really enjoyed.  There weren't quite enough blueberries for my liking, so I bulked them out with 'Galaxy' chocolate pieces.  The photo makes the chocolate look a little odd, probably because it wasn't chocolate made for cooking, but I can assure you, that doesn't affect the taste.  Yum!
(Welcome to Tracy, a new follower).


  1. We also made a blackberry and apple crumble, one of my favourite puddings ever! Yours looks divine with the clotted cream ice cream. x

  2. Dear Gillian
    Thank you for your comment. Fruit crumbles are definitely one of my favourite puddings too. Really indulgent with the ice cream, but just as yummy with good old custard.
    Best wishes