Saturday, 15 September 2012

September Plants

 It is certainly heading towards autumn now.  We have had some lovely sunny days but there is a chill, both in the mornings and once the sun has gone.  The plants feel it too and the autumn flowering plants are starting their display. Above is a New England aster (September Ruby?) with colours that echo the echinacea below.
 Helianthus Lemon Queen which is about six foot tall this year, with a background of beautiful blue sky.
A summer bedding snapdragon, with bigger and more open flowers than the usual ones.  It was a bargain plant and has flowered really well with its large primrose yellow flowers.
 Astrantia major had flowered earlier in June and hadn't done terribly well.  However, I cut it back and it has rewarded me with a second flowering.
 Another aster (Snowstorm?).
 The aforementioned echinacea purpurea 'The King', which was a relatively recent purchase, prompted by seeing the lovely echinacea at The Garden House, Saxby.
A lovely miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine Fontane', which has reddish flowers which open to fluffy seedheads.  I like the way the sun is shining through the leaves and flowers in this photo.  I'm pleased to say that there is still lots going on in the garden at the moment (and I planted some narcissus bulbs this week too).


  1. Beautiful flowers ... it's not quite autumn yet!

    1. Dear Annie
      Thank you for your comment. No, it's not quite autumn yet and I am enjoying the sun we have been getting. I really like this time of year and am making plans for next year's gardening too, with some seeds on the shopping list.
      Best wishes