Thursday, 13 June 2019

RHS Chatsworth 2019 (part two)

Here's the second post about our visit to RHS Chatsworth.  Inside the Floral Marquee are a plethora of stalls selling pretty much any plant you could want.  They are have beautiful displays, showing their plants to perfection.  I thought the Delphinium Peacock above was inspired.
I do like an allium - here they are in serried ranks with no plant out of place.
The peony balls looked so beautiful.
This display of woodland plants and trees stopped me in my tracks - it was the pink cornus in the centre which did it...
A pyramid of lilies and the scent was intoxicating.
A stand of hydrangeas looking so elegant.
Outside, I was very taken by these copper tree water features.
One day, perhaps I'll get one (but it would have to be a bonsai version!)
The exhibit 'The Power of Trees' was one of my favourite areas.  All the trees were in air pots and after the show, would either go back to the nursery or become part of the RHS Bridgewater Garden, their newest garden, currently being developed.
Inside the glade of trees were willow animals and birds and there was a great feeling of quiet and calm.  In fact, it was really noticeable that people were much quieter in here.
We also watched these craftspeople building a dry stone wall.  The precision in their work was incredible.  I liked the little niches they left and the steps they incorporated.
So, that's the photos from a lovely day out.  RHS Chatsworth seems to be improving every year and we're looking forward to the next one in 2020.  
So, what did I buy?
I managed to keep within budget and bought a Dryopteris Erythrosa (lovely hardy evergreen fern).
 Another deep red astrantia, but one which has deep red stems too, called Burgundy Manor.
 A lovely pinky/blue/lilac Magical Revolution Hydrangea.
Edited to add: I forgot to say that I also bought three Allium Globemaster bulbs too.
Originally, I had thought I would like some stained glass abstract flowers on stakes, but when I found the stall, they were just too expensive for me.  I noticed the metal sculpture stall early on, but didn't go back for the metal swirl until we were leaving and it was obviously meant to be because it was the last one!  I am thinking about the perfect place for it now.


  1. The peony ball has to be my favourite here although all of the photos are lovely.

  2. Thanks, Briony. There were lots of peony balls suspended above the display. I am very fond of peonies - they may not last long in flower, but when they are, there are not many flowers that can beat them!
    Best wishes

  3. Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my.
    I have NO success with peonies so loved seeing the peony balls, but I would have been smiling so widely my face hurt all day.
    Thank you for taking us along.
    I am impressed at your sales reistance too.

    1. Thanks EC. The peony stall did look incredible (as did many of the other stalls). My peonies are being a little shy when it comes to flowering this year, but the heavy rain we have been having over the last week does not help their flowers. Everything is looking somewhat battered.
      I did do a lot of smiling and exclaiming throughout the day. My sales resistance is directly linked to having no more space in the garden!! (I actually have no willpower at all when it comes to new plants!)
      Best wishes

  4. Those flowers.......have never seen anything so pretty. How in the world do they get them all to be so perfect! WOW! Love your purchases.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I think it takes the growers a lot of effort to get the displays that perfect and flowering at the right time for the shows. All that effort really pays off!
      I was quite restrained for me with my purchases, but then I have very limited space now, so can't fit that much more in!
      Best wishes