Sunday, 15 September 2019

Favourite plants in September

 While things may be starting to turn autumnal, there is still lots to enjoy in the garden at the moment.  This combination of Japanese anemone, fuchsia and geranium Rozanne makes me smile.
Seeing a Red Admiral butterfly enjoying the buddleia was also a happy moment.
 The asters are also in full flower.
I am collecting a few more fuchsias...this is Rivendell (bought last year at RHS Chatsworth).
 Bella Rosa (I think)...
and Lady Thumb, all looking good.
 Hardy cyclamen are so delicate and beautiful - these are something I look forward to seeing every autumn.
 I think this is cyclamen Rose something - I shall have to check!
 Aster Little Carlow which is always a good flowerer.
Finally, my miscanthus are doing well and adding some elegance to the borders.
 This is 'Morning Light'...
...and here is Starlight.  Just some of my favourites at the moment.


  1. Loving your garden - and on this side of the world am rejoycing in the return of our cyclamen. Hardy little beauties.

    1. Thanks, EC. I like seeing the cyclamen too, whether they are hederifolium in the Autumn or coum in the Spring. They are hardy little things, despite their delicate appearance.
      Best wishes