Saturday 25 November 2023

In and Out

My vibrantly coloured Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera - originally from Brazil) is starting to show its fuchsia flowers. Last year it tried to flower but I didn't give it enough water so the buds fell off.  I am not making that same mistake this year.  I repotted it in the summer and have been much more diligent with watering and look at it now!  It is on the bathroom windowsill and seems to be enjoying it there.

The flowers are so bright they are almost neon.  When things are turning shades of yellow, brown and grey outside, it is so nice to have colour inside.
Having said that about outside, Camellia Yoimachi is starting to flower.  We had our first frost last night and it is due to continue to be frosty for the next few nights.   This camellia will continue to flower on and off through the winter into the Spring.  There is only the faintest touch of pink around the petals at the moment.
I do like the contrast of the white and yellow.  The garden is still providing things to enjoy.


  1. We used to know the Schlumbergera as a zygote cactus. The sulphur crested vandals pruned ours severely.
    There is ALWAYS something in the garden to enjoy - and work to be done. Love that camellia.

    1. Thanks, EC. Having a cactus like that outside is not possible for us, except for in the summer. I can admire yours though! I agree, the garden is a constant source of enjoyment (and work). I am very fond of that camellia too - it seems to be a reliable plant.
      Best wishes

  2. The Christmas cactus reminds me of my childhood! What a great post x