Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bank Holiday Treat

I had a lovely Bank Holiday and went to one of my favourite local gardens - Hall Farm, Harpswell. It is the kind of place that I aspire to having, not only for its beautiful gardens, but for the quiet location and the mellow stone farmhouse. The gardens lead off from a central path and then snake round to incorporate a pond, a sunken garden and an orchard area (where we collected some lovely apples - with permission).

The foxglove gate is a relatively new addition and was made at the forge next door to the garden.

Another relatively new addition was this mosaic path which we saw being made last year. A time consuming activity but immensely satisfying when complete.

At the bottom of the garden, there was a moat area and we stopped to say hello to some very friendly cows. This one in particular was a show off and posed for the camera!
Although it wasn't that warm, (it being a Bank Holiday, we never expect good weather) it was a bright day with some sunshine. Just perfect for having a wander round some beautiful gardens.

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