Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inspiration in the depths of winter

I just had to get out into the garden today and spent a little while sweeping up some of the leaves and other detritus which had accumulated on the path. While I was taking a break from all this activity, I had a good look around and found some encouraging signs. Snowdrops are on the way as can be seen from the photo above. This clump is in a pot and I seem to have most success with those in pots even though snowdrops are not supposed to be happy kept in this way. The above clump will need dividing this year, once they have finished flowering.

My winter flowering jasmine is flowering away happily at the moment. Yes, it is a straggly shrub, but I can't help loving the splash of colour at this time of year when we all need it most.

And finally, more brave little violas, daring to flower and providing yet more colour and encouragement to us.
I also noticed my scillas growing and various leaf buds on hydrangeas and roses and clematis too. All is not lost and I am starting to feel (albeit tentatively) a little more positive about the plants. All apart from my poor hardy fuchsias, which at the moment, resemble dead sticks. If there is no sign of growth on them by May (some take a long time to get going), I shall be having a bit of a clear out.
While pottering outside, I couldn't miss the scent of the Christmas Box either - a rather odd mixture of honey and a hint of cat. I find a little of that scent goes a long way!


  1. My gosh Ellie, you are so lucky. We are buried under a meter of snow. I can't even find my garden, let alone anything else.

    Cheers from across the pond and thanks for the inspiring pictures. Can spring be far off?

  2. Hi Julie
    Thanks for your comment. My friend in Canada says they have 4 feet of snow and the temperature there has been minus 27 degrees C. I know that I couldn't cope with that! Compared with your weather, it is mild here and only minus 1 degree C this morning.
    I love to see snowdops - always a sign that Spring isn't too far away.