Monday, 31 January 2011

Trip to the hub

Last Saturday, Chris and I ventured into the wilds of Lincolnshire, (well, Sleaford) to visit the hub (the National Centre for Craft and Design) as there were some new exhibitions which we were both interested in. Shown above (from the promotional material) is an installation by Suzi McLaughlin called, How does your garden grow? which shows her use of paper cut sculpture, incorporating laser cutting and origami. The garlands were placed in the stairwell areas, and were fascinating. There were also sculptures displayed in cases, using books as the starting point and creating beautiful bouquets of white flowers from the pages.

The roof gallery exhibition was by the Contemporary Crafts network (based in Lincolnshire and surrounding counties) and was called Green. This incorporated many different interpretations of the word and included ceramics, metalwork, felt, glass and paper. I particularly liked the metal flowers (and it helps that I know the maker!)
We also visited a Vivienne Westwood shoes exhibition - more of that in a separate post.

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