Saturday, 8 January 2011

One goal down... winter thoughts

Following on from my thoughts for this year, I have achieved one of the list items, namely, a calf length dressing gown. OK, not very exciting, granted, but definitely useful for when lounging about whilst drinking several cups of tea and trying to force yourself to face the day. I would have really liked a cotton one, but have had to settle for a lilac fluffy one instead. It was quite a bargain in the sales, so I was reasonably pleased.
Going back to work this last week has been a shock to the system and, after discussing this with colleagues, we came to the conclusion that having to get up when it is still dark, and having to be prompted by an alarm clock, has messed up the natural order of things. Once the mornings are lighter, we'll all leap out of bed with renewed vigour. (I can't say that I ever leap out of bed with vigour, even in the summer months, but we can always hope!)
My garden is looking incredibly battered and sorry for itself. I am itching to get out there and have a few hours sorting things out, but I know that while it is still deepest winter, it is best to leave well alone. I am contenting myself with gardening books and plant catalogues and am being tempted by all sorts of lovely things. Spring seems a long way away, but in a couple of months, things will look very different and the daffodils will be out. (The photo is one I took this morning when I went out and noticed this rather bedraggled but brave little viola, valiantly trying to flower despite the cold - that's the spirit!)

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