Monday 9 May 2011

Clematis and Geranium

 The above photo shows Clematis 'Crystal Fountain' which, although having been eaten (probably by a slug or snail) while in bud, has still managed to flower and look amazing.  This is a clematis I have struggled with for a year or so as it looked really pathetic when I planted it, but it has finally repaid my patience.

This is Geranium sylvaticum 'Mayflower' which I bought from the fantastic nursery at Hall Farm last week.  It is described as having 'violet blue' flowers which they are, but there is an almost luminous quality about the colour.  It 'zings' out, especially in bright sunshine or even in shade.  I think this is a woodland variety, but it will get some shade in my garden which it will like.  I think hardy geraniums are one of my favourite plants as there are so many beautiful varieties and they are all pretty undemanding but look lovely in the border.
On a sadder note, I have finally sent my hardy fuchsias off to the great nursery in the sky.  I had left them in the hope that they would grow, but no such luck.  They had come through the previous winter, but the extreme temperatures for such a long time finally defeated them.  I have also lost a grass (used to be called Stipa Arundinacea but is now Amenathele lessoniana or something like that!) and several other plants too.  Still, that is the nature of gardening and it does gives me more planting opportunities.  However, I think that any replacements will have to be tough, hardy and easy to look after!

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