Monday, 23 May 2011

A (small) bouquet of roses

 I know, more roses, but I had to cut these yesterday because they kept trying to attack me when I walked down the path.  I was on a mission to re-pot my large Magnolia 'Susan', which I had been meaning to do for about three years at least.  I have had to massively root prune the poor thing and I'm not sure I haven't overdone it.  It may be a fatal re-pot, but I am trying to remain positive and am anxiously checking it.  I did give it three watering cans full of feed and water once it was in a bigger pot, so I am hoping it will survive.  Anyway, I digress. 

The roses are (left) 'Jacques Cartier' and (right) 'Geoff Hamilton'.  Rose 'Geoff Hamilton' has ball shaped blooms which don't hold up well to being rained on, but that hasn't been a problem this year.  It does have a lovely scent, which is wafting around the kitchen.  I have about twelve roses in my very small garden - when I get my larger garden (one day, hopefully when I am still physically able to look after it), I shall have lots and lots of roses.  'Gertrude Jekyll', 'Molineux', 'Margaret Merrill', 'William Lobb', 'New Dawn', 'Constance Spry', 'Rosa Mundi', 'Mary Rose', 'Geoff Hamilton', 'Tuscany Superb', 'Crocus', 'The Generous Gardener', etc., ... one day...

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