Monday 16 May 2011

Latest tulip felt piece

This cropped image of a Black Parrot tulip was the inspiration for the latest piece of felt.  I knew it would be an abstract version of the image, as I didn't want an exact copy.  I was more interested in the colour blending and the swirling shapes.

 The piece almost ready for felting - I added in some more dark colours to try to give a feeling of depth and also added silk threads in various colours to add interest and shine.

The finished piece, with the added threads and more definition given to the swirls.  I am pleased with the colour blends and the swirling pattern.  I am considering a bit of embellishment to the surface, perhaps with some beads or sequins, or embroidery, or both.  I really enjoy exploring just what I can do and what effects I can create, especially as I am never sure exactly what the finished piece will look like.

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