Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Shadow Line

The Shadow Line is a fantastic piece of drama on at the moment on BBC2 (Thursdays at 9.00pm and we are up to part 3/7).  It is a story of a gangland murder and all the people involved, both police and criminals and has an amazing cast.  The really great thing is that you question all the characters and they are all ambiguous to a degree.  There are no easily defined 'goodies versus baddies' here.  It is such a tense programme that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.  The stand out portrayal amongst many for me is Rafe Spall's unhinged and unpredictable 'Jay Stratton' who unnerves, threatens and makes me jump every time!  It does have disturbing scenes, but that is to be expected with a story of this kind.  If it doesn't win a huge number of awards, there is no justice in the world!
Link to iplayer and more info - see it for yourself, if you haven't managed to yet:
Chris and I will be glued to it in the coming weeks...

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