Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Visit to Hall Farm

I had a lovely morning out this morning as I went to Hall Farm, one of my favourite local nurseries/gardens. The house itself is a beautiful stone farmhouse and the garden leads away from it, with compartmentalised areas and an orchard at the bottom. This gives lots of interesting vistas which lead the visitor all around the garden.
A view looking down towards the orchard area.

Looking back the other way, towards the house.

The very pretty sunken Spring garden beside the house, with forget-me-nots, tulips, hardy geraniums and alpine plants.
The view at the entrance to the garden, with more spring planting. It is the kind of garden I like best, with good formal 'bones' but lovely 'floofy' planting within that. There were tree peonies in flower, lots of hardy geraniums and camassias, bellis, honesty, wiegela all flowering away. A perfect way to spend the morning.

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  1. Great blog! Pam has recently shut the nursery and tripled the size of the garden so well worth another visit this summer! And feel free to drop in and see us craftsmen in the artist studios next to the garden!

    James Sutton
    Sculptor at Hall Farm