Monday, 30 January 2012


As my first love in gemstones is, and always will be, amethyst, I decided that I needed an amethyst necklace but with lots of sparkle and reasonably delicate in design.  Here it is.  Very simple, symmetrical pattern, two faceted rectangle creating a pendant and the beading wire as part of the design, plaited up with two amethyst beads near the clasp. There is also a small amount of silver (in beads) and two fluorite squares to add a different texture.  I have already worn it at work and I am very pleased with it.  I think I shall make more like this, possibly using jasper or botswana agate and definitely amazonite.

Chris has sorted the comments issue for me - thanks, Chris - and it turned out to be a compatibility problem.  Hopefully all is now well.


  1. It looks lovely! Amethysts are my favourite stone as well; they really fascinate me.
    How very skillful of you! :D

  2. Dear Aledys
    Thank you so much for your comment. Chris says I don't really make jewellery, I construct it - that is true, as I just put the components together. I really enjoy the creative side of choosing the colours, textures and different gemstones and then making them into something I can wear. Of course, it is also great fun choosing which gemstones to buy (as long as my bank balance can cope!)
    Best wishes

  3. It's great coincident that I really love Amethyst Beads too much as well and recently got a necklace but honestly not like above but after getting would love to have the same. I am gonna bookmark your site to hear from you more and get your features.