Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year thoughts for 2012

Hydrangea Fireworks flowering away happily today to welcome the New Year

Firstly, may I wish you a rather belated Happy New Year!  It seems as though the years speed up as I get older.  It doesn't seem very long ago that I was writing my thoughts (not resolutions, because I don't seem able to keep them) for 2011.
So, a review of last year's thoughts. 
To try and be a bit tidier - well, this really hasn't worked at all.  In some ways, I am very organised and have efficient filing systems, but general tidiness seems to elude me.  This is one that I need to work at.
To sort out my website - again, this hasn't been done yet.  I have worked out the way I would like to pages to be, but that is as far as it has got.  So, another target for this year.
To continue felt making - this is something I have managed to do and would like to continue with this year.
To continue reading interesting books - Hoorah!  This is something I have succeeded with and is something I shall definitely continue this year.
To exercise more - well, I have exercised more than I did last year, but it is something I need to do this year too.
To buy a dressing gown - this is one thing I achieved in the sales last January.  (It is good to have a real positive in this list).
To complete at least some of my on-going craft projects - not a great success really, although I added a new hobby to the list (jewellery making).  This is something that I can carry on through this year too.

Hmm, not a great deal achieved here.  Perhaps I can do a bit better this year...


  1. Happy New Year, Ellie, from my house to yours! Always enjoy your posts, particularly of the garden and books. I just purchased an ereader after long research. Do you have one yet?

  2. Dear Julie
    Thank you for your comment and Happy New Year to you too.
    Yes, I have got a Kindle and have downloaded a few classic novels by Dickens and Jane Austen, as well as an e-novel by my friend in the Netherlands. I am looking forward to reading a lot (whether actual books or Kindle ones) this year.
    Best wishes