Monday, 16 January 2012

Churches and decorations that make me smile

 We visited the local church to my friend's Granny's house on Saturday too.  It is a beautiful little church made from the local mellow brown stone.  Inside, there are some lovely pieces of stained glass, apparently made in the ' Low Countries' and probably medieval.  I thought this Nativity scene above was particularly beautiful, especially with the sun lighting up the colours.

 Looking round the church, I noticed two small faces which made me smile.  The first was this little cherub, at the base of an eighteenth century memorial on the wall.  I liked his pudgy cheeks and the way his wide open eyes have been carved to give them a lot of life.  He looks a little unsure in his expression, but I thought he was a real character.
The other face I noticed was above the pulpit, at the base of an arch.  He looks very happy, but also somewhat enigmatic as we'll never know what he was smiling about.  He gazes out at visitors, as he has done since he was carved, with a big welcoming smile and long may he continue to do so.
Unfortunately, the church has suffered the fate of many small village churches and is in the process of being closed due to falling numbers and the costs to keep it going.  I don't know when I shall be able to visit it again, so am pleased that I had the opportunity on Saturday.


  1. Great pictures, you have a wonderful eye for details! Often when we walk into a church it is the high ceilings and large windows that demand our attention, but you have caught the finer elements. It is so sad to see a church close. Perhaps it will open again someday....even if it takes a century or so (hopefully not that long tho!!).

  2. Dear Maria
    Thank you for your comment. I like looking for the details and those faces certainly caught my eye. I wish our churches didn't have to close, but unfortunately, dwindling congregations and lack of funds are causing this all over the country. It is sad that this is the case now.
    Best wishes