Sunday, 22 January 2012

Winter images

 The above photo was taken when I was visiting my friend at her Granny's house.  This was once a beautifully espaliered pear tree (I think) and the training of the branches was easy to make out.  However, it hadn't been pruned in quite a while and had developed this fantastic tracery of branches, making their wayward growth towards the sky.  There was a lovely bright blue sky behind them, but I think it would have been even more effective against a dark stormy sky, or with a full moon.  I think this would make a great book cover - something like Wuthering Heights or perhaps a gothic horror.  Very atmospheric.
 This morning, I was out in the garden, battling with the strong wind, and there I saw these brave little snowdrops, looking so delicate, but able to withstand the winter weather.
They are one of my favourite flowers and seeing them immediately puts me into a more positive frame of mind - Spring isn't all that far away.
And finally, the picture of contentment has to be this one of Scruffy, taken last night.  We had the fire on, the curtains drawn and had settled down to watch a film.  Does life get any better?

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