Thursday, 9 September 2010

Introducing our cats

Well, I have mentioned our cats in previous posts, so thought I should give them a starring role in a post of their own. Above, hiding in the undergrowth of our garden is 'Gonga'. He started out as Georgie, but somehow the name just didn't work for him. As a child, I was given a knitted rabbit which I called Gonga and Chris just started to use that name for Georgie. Somehow, it just stuck! As I was saying to Chris this morning, the alternative name for him could have been Bagpuss, because he is an 'old, fat, furry catpuss', but Gonga suits him very nicely. He was a stray, but someone owned him because he used to have a collar (the fur has been rubbed off round his neck). He is a large cat, about eight years old, the vet thought, and very solid! He has been with us now for nearly two years and is very affectionate.

Here is Ginny, dozing on the chair and keeping me company when I am writing my blog (as she does quite often). She is about fifteen years old and is gradually getting a bit more grumpy (like me) and having to cope with arthritis in her joints as she gets older (also like me!). She is very good at communicating her likes and dislikes. Sometimes she tolerates Gonga and at other times will hiss and swipe at him. She can be contrary but she is a lovely cat.

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