Wednesday, 1 September 2010

More from Hall Farm

The planting during the different seasons completely changes the look of the gardens from billowing romantic pastels in high summer to the rich bright hot colours of autumn, with dahlias, heleniums, grasses, asters and other reliable plants.
I would love to be able to grow agapanthus successfully, but my two previous attempts have failed miserably. The agapanthus above is a great example of a happy plant.

A little corner of the garden, backing onto the house and incorporating hollyhocks, nepeta and a very exotic looking bulb in the centre - I'm not sure what that is and shall have to do some investigating.
A riot of autumn colours and a fantastic display!

A view down the long walk of the garden, just giving little glimpses of what lies ahead.
The garden also has a nursery just next door, so you can buy a plant that has particularly caught your eye in the garden. I went a bit mad, although I did manage to keep to my list with the exception of one impulse buy. I went for Miscanthus sinensis 'Ferner Osten', a Eupatorium and a Lonicera Fragrantissima (winter flowering honeysuckle) to replace mine which seems to have given up. I also bought some metal flower supports for my rather wayward asters. Now, I just need to decide how I am going to fit my new plants in...

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