Sunday, 12 September 2010

Look closely...

At first sight, these photos only appear to show ivy on our wall, but look a little closer and the amazing hard work and creativity of the humble garden spider becomes clear. I went outside first thing this morning because the weather was so gorgeous, and everywhere I looked, spiders had been at work.
The webs are really beautiful if you study them and it is amazing how strong they are too, considering how easy it is for us to destroy them. The garden first thing in the morning is a lovely place to be, as it is the only time when it is quiet. Usually, the peace and quiet is shattered by children shouting, power tools buzzing and people talking (loudly!). Of course, this is to be expected when your house is in the middle of a city, and is in a terrace. That is why it is a delight to be out in the garden before other people's lives intrude on your own.

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