Monday, 27 September 2010

New Felt Hearts finished

I don't seem to have put any felt items on my blog for ages, so, as I have finally finished making the hearts from the patterned felt I made, here they are. For some reason, it seems to have taken me a long time to get on with it. I am really pleased with the end results, though, and this justifies the time element a bit. I have agreed to have a stall at the craft evening in November - I attended this event last year - and have decided that my display needs a rethink, so have ordered a jewellery display stand to use, which I think will look more professional and display the hearts and stars effectively. I also realised I need to make some more white stars with red embroidery as these sold really well and I haven't made any replacements as yet. So, that's what I need to be doing over the next couple of weeks.

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